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Our Winter Escape

It's always a little unusual when you celebrate the holidays on a sandy beach in Mexico... it doesn't quite say "Merry Christmas" like being back home in Edmonton, cozying up with the poochies on the couch with a fire blazing, the tree lit up, and Christmas music playing in the background -- but who can complain when your day consists of reading on the beach, hanging out with your new-found friend Mr. Iguana, and living on a diet of margaritas and tacos.

Jeff + I were fortunate enough to escape to sunny Puerto Vallarta this past holiday season. We spent a night in one of our favourite cities, San Fran, en route to Mexico {stay tuned for a blog post on our brief visit to San Fran}, and then arrived to the hot + humid climate of Jalisco, Mexico.

We spent our days reading on the beach, playing a ton of crib, lounging with iguanas, and swimming in the salty water. We filled up on nothing but home made mexican meals {thanks to the one and only Jeff "the chef" Boyardee} and tastey margaritas.

It was the perfect, relaxing escape ✌.


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