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Permanent Records: Find Jim Photo Contest

Turns out there are more perks to dating a hairy bearded man than just having some good ol' rugged eye candy to constantly drool over ... Before the holiday season Permanent Records, a local business here in Edmonton, announced the 'Find Jim Photo Contest' where you had to submit an image that looked like Jim Morrison. My boyfriend Jeff is not only a talented musician, but he also has great taste in music and loves The Doors (did I should mention he looks ALOT like Jim Morrison too?) ... so naturally when he heard of this contest he asked me to take his photograph in the hopes of winning! I thought this photo contest would be a great opportunity for me to practice doing what I love. Being a photography student at NAIT I am constantly busy shooting assignments and projects, so it's always great to find little photographic opportunities of my own -- seperate from school.

So Jeff and I Googled for Jim Morrison photos and found a few that seemed do-able (image of Jim Morrison from .. Jeff combed out his beard and hair, put on some clothes similar looking to Jims, and we then braved the chilling Alberta weather to start shooting!! We tried a variety of poses and locations, and finally found one that worked the best!

After editing the photo to make it look as similar as possible, we submitted the photograph and......

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Permanent Records and Jeff's magnificent modelling skills we are now happily awaiting The Doors COMPLETE vinyl discography :) Now to find the real Jim Morrison so we can win that trip for two to Paris......

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