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Desert Shoot at the Valley of Fire

TO THIS DAY if my parents or sisters watch a 'chick flick' that involves some sort of cheesy, romantic, sappy, wonderful happy ending, they always tell me about it saying "you would LOVE this movie" in a mocking tone of course, because they like to make fun of the fact that I am a hopeless romantic...

I guess I can't really be blamed, I mean, I grew up being OBSESSED with Disney movies. I was fascinated by the characters that somehow always managed to find their one true love -- always within the first ten minutes of the movie, (which amazed me even more that they could find their Prince Charming so fast) -- and more so, that they managed to somehow live happily ever after when it seemed like this was such a rare thing to find in real life.

I dreamt as a young girl about this happening to me one day -- the day when I would meet my Prince Charming, fall in love, and share a cheesy, romantic, sappy, wonderful happy ending with together.

So when I saw this magical light in the distance while driving through the Valley of Fire, my heart beat with excitement! I couldn't wait to capture this magical moment! From the light, to Megan's princess-like behaviour, to the tiny bugs flying through the sunlight looking like fairies, this photograph overjoyed the hopelessly romantic heart of mine!! LIKE my Facebook Page to stay updated with more photos from the desert shoot at the Valley of Fire.

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