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Tonight i've decided to write about our puppy, Benny.

For many of you who don't know, Benny "found" us a few months ago, for you see, I was on my way to school, walking to catch the bus one day when I saw him running around frantically, clearly lost and in a panic. I tried getting him to come to me, but he was so terrified and confused that he bolted and was impossible to catch.

Jeffrey later found him that day roaming around our yard, and knowing I had spotted him earlier, he tried to catch him as well, but with no such luck! So Jeff called Animal Control in the hopes that they would have more luck than us and that they'd help this adorable stray get off the streets and back to his rightful owners!

Two days later we were woken up early in the morning by a knock at the door.

Much to our surprise, there was a neighbor with this same lost dog!! She brought him to our house because his colourings match the colours of our other dog Bear, and she assumed that he was ours.... We took him off her hands for the night, posted a Lost Dog ad on facebook (and every other site imaginable) and took him to Animal Control the next day, in the hopes of finding his owners!!

We had so much fun with the little fella in that one night, we knew when we dropped him off at Animal Control that if his owners no longer wanted him, we wanted to adopt him so that we could give him the good home that he SO deserved! We said our goodbyes, tears were shed, and I longed for the phone call that would say he could be ours...

We had to wait, and wait, and wait some more to see if his owners would show up...We actually were contacted by his previous owner's neighbors and were made aware that his owners definitely weren't looking for this poor adorable little guy..... So we were eagerly awaiting for the call from Animal Control saying that we could adopt him into our home!!!!!!

And then one day that call arrived.

Benny has been with us for a couple of months now and he brings so much joy to our lives :) I love my little furbabies and i'm so grateful we had the opportunity to give a deserving animal a loving home!!!

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