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WPPI: Today We Found Grass.

Being a photographer in Edmonton can be very depressing with our long, FREEZING winters. So when two fellow friends (and classmates) and I decided we should attend WPPI, we couldn't WAIT to escape the -40 degree weather and enjoy all that WPPI has to offer, including the GLORIOUS sunshine in Las Vegas! For those of you who don't know, WPPI is a huge, annual Wedding and Portrait convention in the MGM Grand Conference Center, where there are numerous lectures and expos presented by various talented photographers and photography related businesses).

After the first inspiring lecture that we attended this morning, we had an hour to kill so we decided to hang outside to get some fresh air. We spotted a patch of greenery and naturally booked it to the grass as fast as we could! Never has anyone ever seen a group of girls more excited to step on to grass... We got some very strange glances directed our way, especially when we decided to throw on the self timer and pose like total goofballs in front of the camera. But hey, when you live in a city like Edmonton where you're stuck wearing tuques, mittens, and snowpants 3/4 of the year, who wouldn't want to throw off your shoes and roll around in the grass for a while?!?! ;)

If you want to see more photos from my week in Vegas, click here + like my page to stay tuned with updates!

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