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Bonnaroo Round TWO!

In less than TEN HOURS Jeff + myself will be boarding a plane and then it's up, up, up and AWAY to the hot and humid Tennessee for the annual Bonnaroo Arts and Musical Festival!

We attended this festival in 2011 and saw many talented artists (such as the super talented and beautiful Robert Plant), edured the blistering heat, and soaked up all the awesomeness that Tennessee had to offer!

We weren't planning on attending any festivals this year, but as soon as the Bonnaroo lineup was announced we knew right away we HAD to go!!! With artists such as Jack White, The Avett Brothers, and umm... oh yeah...ELTON JOHN!!! could we possibly resist?!?

Even though it's going to feel like it's over 40 degrees every single day with 80% humidity (and i'm going to be burnt as red as a cherry), I am so excited to be amongst such brilliant artists -- and all with my favourite person ♡ LIKE my Facebook Page to stay up to date with photos and news from the Festival!

Click HERE to read all about Bonnaroo

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