Benny's First Road Trip

Last weekend Jeff + I decided to go to Jasper for some last minute mountain weekend fun with the dogs! Plus, Benny had never been on a road trip before, so we figured it was about time we took him on one before the snow falls.

Now because Benny is a rescue, we figure he'd never experienced a car ride before we adopted him. Even driving the 10 minutes it takes to take him to the dog park, he goes absolutely nuts (and drives me nuts too). But the drive to and from Jasper was absolutely wonderful! Benny did SO WELL!! He slept almost the entire drive! I was so proud of our lil rascal!

We made it to Whistler's Campground (the only campground still open this late in the season), and we lucked out with a massive campsite. The dogs had so much room to roam, it was splendid! We set up the tent, and decided we should take advantage of the nice weather by taking the dogs for a swim and hike!

Now, because I am a photographer, it's pretty much impossible for me to go somewhere epic without my camera and tripod...hence all of the photos taken on this trip. I'm so thankful that Jeff, and the dogs, are such patient beings.. Any time I saw a beautiful scene, I had to interrupt our hike, set up the tripod, and get everyone ready for some self-timer fun ;)

Here are some of my favourite photos from our trip!

I love the mountains. I can't wait until I get a chance to go back!

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