J + L Go To Iceland ♡ Part Three

Roadtrip Day #2. We headed North West and drove along the beautiful Westfjords of Hvalfjörður. It was such a deserted, peaceful, beautiful drive. We stopped along the road to take some photos of the gorgeous scenery.

Jeff researched a waterfall he really wanted to check out called Glymur, the second highest waterfall in Iceland. We began on the "trail" that lead us to the waterfall. We trekked down steep cliffs, crawled through caves, pretended to be little hobbitses...only to get stopped by a rushing river with no way to cross. We didn't find out until we got back to our car that the trail is closed in the winter time because its very dangerous even in the summer. They remove the pole that acts as a bridge over the river to deter hikers from hiking the trail in the winter... ooops! We were disppointed, but we ended up finding an old, abandoned farmhouse instead. Inside an artist had at one point used this abandoned house as their studio. There were photographs covering the walls, ceiling, and floor of an entire room. It was quite the room to see!

We signed the wall of the abandoned house and went on our way towards Akranes, a small fishing town. We explored the coast, walked up a lighthouse, Jeff sang in the lighthouse (it sounded awesome!!), and we came across a little bakery where we indulged in delicious Icelandic pastries.

We spent our last night and morning walking around Reykjavik, saying our final farewells!

Iceland was quite thee trip but we can't wait to go back and explore the rest of the island someday hopefully soon :)

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