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A Country Lodge Wedding

Alyssa is one of THEE most beautiful people, inside and out, that I have been lucky enough to call a friend. We not only work together, but workout together and even ran (and survived!!) our first half marathon together! We share a love for food + complain to each other about all of the crappy, unhealthy junk food we eat.... while stuffing our faces with more junk food...

She is so very genuine, hilarious, generous, and she has the kindest soul.

And Kelvin is the same.

Two wonderful people so perfectly suited for one another.

​Their wedding day was so well planned and thought out -- it was so wonderful to finally see it all come together so beautifully.

The girls got ready at A+K's house, while the guys got ready at the Holiday Inn.

Alyssa had their bedroom arranged all ready for photos -- it was a photographer's dream! She even installed hooks in the ceilings and walls for all of the dresses to hang neatly! Her mom, mother-in-law, sisters, and bridesmaids were so welcoming -- it was such a relaxed, pleasant morning. Their super shy dog, Brita, was there to watch the girls getting groomed by the ladies at SEN STUDIOS and I made it my mission to snap a few shots of her hiding throughout the morning!


It was an absolute honor documenting your wedding day.

Hair + Makeup: SEN Studios

Ceremony + Reception: The Country Lodge

Second Photographer: J. Kushernyk Images (Thank you for being awesome, as always!)

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