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Cassie + Andrew | A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Remember that day back in October when we got that crazy, freak snow storm?! Roads were horrendous, the wind was freezing, and the snow kept falling for days on end. Cassie + Andrew planned for a fall wedding in October, but instead were greeted by an early winter blizzard for their wedding day -- and yet, it couldn't have looked more beautiful!

They got married in the cutest, most quaint church, surrounded by their closest family and friends as they said their vows and signed their future together.

Even though it was a blizzard outside, and the weatherman suggested staying indoors and off the roads, we ventured to a ravine to capture some beautiful, snowy portraits. The girls were troopers in their strapless dresses, and Cassie had Andrew to keep her warm.

Their cozy reception was held at The Yellowhead Brewery downtown Edmonton, complete with a candy bar and personalized wine bottles in the rustic and intimate venue with their family and friends.

Images captured while shooting alongside J. Kushneryk Images.

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