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Meagan + Craig | YEG Winter Wedding

All of this snowy weather has me reminiscing Meagan + Craig's winter wedding this past December.

Meagan looked like an enchanting Disney princess in her gown and handmade cloak, made by her mother. Her mom actually made each and every one of the cloaks for the bridesmaids and flower girl so that they would all stay warm while they were outside for photos!

There were a lot of neat details incorporated throughout the wedding day. From the hand made cloaks, to the hand made garter that Meagan made especially for Craig (he's a big Rough Riders fan), to the penguin ice sculpture Craig's mom had specially ordered for her penguin-loving son, and finally to the Lego candies, cuff links, and cake that Meagan + Craig ordered (Craig proposed by making a house out of Lego, and under the roof of the house were the words "Will You Marry Me?", also spelt out with Lego -- how awesome is that??!).

The wedding day had it's own intimate and unique feel, specific to this couple. It was a lovely day, surrounded by all of the people who so clearly adored Meagan + Craig.

Venue + Caterer: Best Western Westwood Inn

Second Photographer: Jeff Meszaros

Suits: Moores

Craig's mom told me that for as long as she could remember, any time she'd go away on a trip, the one and only thing Craig would ever ask for her to bring back for him was a penguin. Nothing more, nothing less. So she decided that on his wedding day, he needed that penguin.

She also told me that no matter how hard she ever tried, Craig could never, ever be surprised. So she REALLY wanted to make sure that this penguin surprise worked out and had him shocked!! Craig was blindfolded and lead towards the penguin ice sculpture, and sure enough when the blindfold was untied, Craig was stunned (and his mom was thrilled!!)!

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