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One Month To Go

Life has been especially crazy these last couple of days -- so crazy that I almost forgot that in exactly one month, Jeff + I will be MARRIED!!!

In less than 30 days we'll be putting the Thule back on the hatchback, packing up our car, and hitting the road for a trip to our favourite campsite (with the dogs, of course) in Banff. We'll later be joined by our immediate families and will have a small ceremony at Two Jack Lake surrounded by the water + mountains. Wedding planning was such a stressful time for us both, so we're really stoked that our wedding planning journey resulted in a cozy, relaxed, camping weekend -- it's exactly what we both envisioned when we first thought about how our wedding day should be, and I'm so grateful we planned a day that suits us best.

Engagement photos taken by Talia Unger Photography.♥

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