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Mandy + Braden | St. Albert Engagement Session

For those of you who know me, even just a teeny bit, you'd know that my answer when clients ask me "can we bring our dogs to our photo session?" is always a big, fat, HECK YES! My dogs are my furry children, they're a part of the family, so naturally I love it when clients want to include their pets in their photos -- actually, I encourage it!

As soon as I read Mandy's first email inquiring about their wedding, I felt an instant connection. She told me about her and Braden as a couple, their love for being outdoors, biking, and their dogs, all things I quite enjoy myself! They have so much in common with each other, they love paintball and gaming, and you can really see how much they both adore their huskies, Loki + Abel.

Congratulations on your engagement Mandy + Braden! All the best to your furry family!


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