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A few weeks ago Jeff + I said farewell to our pups and boarded a plane to England! We spent some much needed time with my family in Leeds, we traveled up north and explored Scotland (where we got engaged!!), made our way back southwest to Wales and Bath, and then ended up in London before flying back home. Our trip was amazing! We saw and experienced SO much, so bear with me, for there will be a lot of blog posts coming in the next few weeks of some photos and stories from our magical adventure!

We spent the first week with my family in Leeds. I haven't seen the majority of this side of my family for six years, so it was wonderful being able to be together again. Aside from spending time with the famjam, we explored some nearby areas such as The Royal Armouries in Wakefield, Elvington Airfield, and Towton Battlefield. My family is really big in to history, so Eric (my cousin) had these spots picked out for us to learn about and appreciate. Even though it was really windy and chilly that day at Elvington, Jeff + I had a great time learning about the RAF airfield and looking at all of the planes.

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