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YEG Ice Castle

When you live in Edmonton, you need to embrace the freezing weather from time to time in order to actually enjoy this beautiful winter city of ours!

Jeff + I bundled up and checked out the Ice Castle at Hawrelak Park the other day with some friends -- it was quite the experience!!

As soon as we parked and I saw the castle from the outside, I got all giddy and my inner child got so pumped up with excitement to explore this magnificent castle!!! I couldn't help but pretend I was Anna from Frozen and this castle was one of Elsa's magical creations ;) It literally felt like walking into a magical winter wonderland from a Disney movie. If you haven't checked it out yet -- do it! Just be sure to dress warm and allow your inner child to be fascinated by the icicles, ice thrones, and maybe even race your friend down the winding ice slide!

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