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New York, New York

A couple of weeks ago, a few friends and I went to New York for a wedding. The Island was just as I expected, and although I was able to see one or two sights on my list, I'd love to go back one day to really explore all there is that NY has to offer!

We stayed in lower Manhattan, at the super tidy, decently priced Hotel 91 in Chinatown. It was a great location to spend our nights, super close to the Brooklyn Bridge and a lot of tasty restaurants and markets.

Our first couple of days were spent exploring the area and doing some wedding errands with the bride-to-be.

Nichelle + I spent a morning moseying around Battery Park with a couple of coffees and bags of (delicious) toasted nuts before boarding the Statue Cruise to Liberty + Ellis Islands. We lucked out with a super warm, sunny day. It was pretty cool to see the Statue of Liberty in person, even though it's a lot smaller than how I pictured it in my head..

I took a lot more photos on my phone this trip than usual [sometimes a photographer needs a break from a heavy camera;)] so if you'd like to see more photos please check out my instagram account @laurenvoisinphoto!

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