J + L Go To Iceland ♡ Part Two

Jeff + I really wanted to explore Iceland on our own as much as we could so we rented a car for two days. Iceland has a main "highway" that goes all the way around the island -- we headed South for roadtrip day #1.

Our first stops were at Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, two incredibly beautiful waterfalls.

Seljalandsfoss was amazing. When we arrived there it was quite cloudy, but then the sun started to come out and the sky was blue....for a mere five minutes before we got hit by a random hail storm. The weather changed so quick there, alternating all day between patches of sun and sudden outbursts of hail!

Just north of Seljalandsfoss is Gljúfrafoss, a waterfall hidden between two cliffs. We trekked through the river to go in between the cliffs and got absolutely SOAKED by the falls. Sadly my camera got too wet to be able to capture a photo of Gljúfrafoss inside the cliffs, and Jeff's phone got destroyed. Totally worth it though.

Me, being too slow for the self timer aha!

We made some random stops along the road to see the adorable, furry horsies of course, and neat rock formations and old ruined huts.

Skógafoss was also quite thee incredible waterfall to see. Once the sun came out we could see a full rainbow, and at one point Jeff was standing in the end of the rainbow!

Onward South we went to the southernmost village in Iceland, Vik. It was SO windy we could hardly stand up straight at times and my hair was constantly whipping me in the face and blinding me!

On our way back from Vik we stopped at Dyrhólaey, a peninsula who's name means "the hill island with the door-hole". From this peninsula you have a better view of the black arch of lava that's standing in the water. Now unfortunately when we were there, the wind was so crazy strong that we couldn't walk close enough to the edge of the cliffs to see it from this side. We saw the other side of it from the beach though where we also came across a neat little cave.

Come back tomorrow for thee third and final part of our trip! If you missed Part One, click here.

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